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Since 2008

Focus on design, development and sales of optical fiber passive components

Relying on excellent product design, engineering technology, high quality manufacturing and reliable service, JIAWEI is committed to becoming a supplier of high-standard optical fiber components in the most economical and practical way to understand customers' requirements and challenges.


Excellent Engineering Technology


JIAWEI has a streamlined product design team, with professional design concept to optimize the function and structure of the product, in order to make the product in the temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, anti-mold, high density, high strength and other different environments to maximize the use.

With the goal of more convenient construction, more dense wiring, more stable performance and more affordable economy, engineers reasonably design each product and achieve satisfactory results.


Our team is committed to the fastest design and development cycle, so that customers can get the fastest market share.

High Quality Manufacturing Conditions

JIAWEI has a good engineering team, with professional engineering and technical principles to promote production efficiency, rationalization, economy, through this link, to achieve economic and practical results.

Our increasingly advanced engineering technology enables us to make precise process flow according to special customized steps, and implement supervision, inspection and maintenance on this basis.

We continue to pursue a more refined way to produce superior performance products for customers to bring higher benefits and advantages.

JIAWEI has internationally recognized standards of high-precision mature equipment, which is an important condition for us to provide customers with high-standard products.

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Honest And Reliable Service


JIAWEI has a systematic ERP management mode, to ensure that the service team based on reliable data to provide good tracking, tracing work, rapid response and satisfactory response is always JIAWEI's service purpose.

We will try our best to fulfill our promise and achieve the best delivery capacity with both quality and quantity.

Our service team has a good professional ethics and careful working attitude, to customer satisfaction as the premise, carefully do everything.

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