LC Standard Connector


LC Standard Connector

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  • LC Standard Connector
  • Features

    RoHS compliant

    Ultra low insertion and back reflection

    UL 94V-0 rated plastic housing and boot available

    Comply with the standard of TIA/EIA/Telcodia/ IEC

    Various boot type and custom colors available upon request

    lnsertion Loss Typical≤0.10dB; Max≤0.25dB Typical≤0.15dB; Max≤0.25dB
    Return Loss PC/UPC≥55dB; APC≥65dB N/A
    Durability <0.1dB typical chang, 500matings
    Operating Temperature -40℃ to +75℃
  • LC SM SX 0.9mm
  • LC 19.2mm standard boot
  • LC SM SX 2.0mm
  • LC 14.7mm short boot
  • LC 28.5mm long boot
  • LC SM SX 2.0mm
  • LC MM SX 2.0mm
  • LC MM SX 2.0mm
  • LC MM DX 2.0mm
  • LC MM DX 2.0mm
  • LC MM DX 2.0mm
Connector Type   Ferrule Type        Housing Color        Boot Type        Boot Color        Duplex Clip Color
LC 1 SM 125μm 1 Blue 1 Standard 900μm 1 White 1 Blue
2 MM 127μm 2 Green 2 Short 2.0mm(L:14.7mm) 2 Green 2 Green
          3 Beige 3 Short 3.0mm(L:14.7mm) 3 Beige 3 Beige
    4 Aqua 4 Standard 2.0mm(L:19.2mm) 4 Aqua 4 Aqua
    5 Violet 5 Standard 3.0mm(L:19.2mm) 5 Violet 5 Violet
    6 Black 6 90 degree angle 6 Black 6 Black
    7 Red 7 Long 2.0mmm(L:28.5mm) 7 Red 7 Red
        8 Long 3.0mmm(L:28.5mm)